The 25 Stupidest Sports That Ever Existed... And Yes They're Real

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I only got a participation ribbon.

You won't believe these 25 dumb sports actually exist (but they do). Ever since we have had groups of people living together in communities, we have had competitions and games to amuse ourselves with. I mean, for most of human civilization, no one even had Netflix! So of course they'd have to find some way to have fun, like maybe kicking a rock into a cave a couple of times or something. As we got smarter, we only became more organized and competitive as a species, so the rise of sports makes perfect sense to anyone who has studied history. It was not only a way to relieve boredom, but a slightly-less-deadly way to compete for prizes than say, starting an entire war or something.

However, not all sports are created equal. The geniuses who gave us golf also invented a sport that involves putting a ferret in your pants. The people who came up with skiing also decided to create a race that involves using a female human being as a prop in the sport of "wife-carrying." And of course, a few crazy Russians decided to crash their cars into each other on an iced-over lake and call it "car curling." Would you play any of these sports? Check out our slideshow, then email us and let us know! Get Started
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