The 25 Stupidest Sports That Ever Existed... And Yes They're Real

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I only got a participation ribbon.

Ever since we have had groups of people living together in communities, we have had competitions and games to amuse ourselves with. I mean, for most of human civilization, no one even had Netflix! So of course they'd have to find some way to have fun, like maybe kicking a rock into a cave a couple of times or something. As we got smarter, we only became more organized and competitive as a species, so the rise of sports makes perfect sense to anyone who has studied history. It was not only a way to relieve boredom, but a slightly-less-deadly way to compete for prizes than say, starting an entire war or something.

However, not all sports are created equal. The geniuses who gave us golf also invented a sport that involves putting a ferret in your pants. The people who came up with skiing also decided to create a race that involves using a female human being as a prop in the sport of "wife-carrying." And of course, a few crazy Russians decided to crash their cars into each other on an iced-over lake and call it "car curling." Would you play any of these sports? Check out our slideshow, then email us and let us know! Get Started